15 Wordmark Logo Design Inspiration to Get Amazing Ideas

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Designing a Wordmark logo is not at all an easy task. I would say it is really difficult to design something meaningful using only letters of the logo. All the other types of logos are comparatively easier to design than Wordmark logos. In other logo types, we can design symbols, abstract, mascots, characters, emblems, etc. to make the logo unique. But in wordmark logos, we don’t have much options. Most of the famous brands have Wordmark logos and they have succeeded to make their brand  identity unique. You can see some of them below:

famous wordmark logos

I know you have already seen them. The main wordmark logo design inspiration are below. I just want to let you know some information about wordmark logos before going through the inspirations.

Those were some famous brand logos but it doesn’t mean that small companies can’t use Wordmark logos. After all, these big brands were once small 😉 But not all companies can use wordmark logos. I am not talking about the niche, I am talking about the Brand Name. You can use wordmark logos only if your brand name is:




Easy to understand

I will soon write a detailed article about Wordmark Logotype.

Don’t confuse between lettermark and wordmark logos. Lettermark logos are designed using initials of logo names instead wordmark logos are designed using all the letters of logo name.

Now let’s come to the point. I am going to share some of the best wordmark logo design inspiration from the Mashinmedia Portfolio. All these logos are designed by Mashinmedia. And I hope you will like them 🙂

Also check some logos with hidden secrets here.

#1. Just Retweet

wordmark logo inspiration

#2. Engaged CRM

 wordmark logo inspiration ideas

#3. Zankaar

 wordmark logo ideas

#4. Digital Lab

 wordmark logo inspiration ideas

 #5. the geek in

 wordmark logo inspiration

#6. E List 10

 wordmark logo

#7. Lifes Hope Media

 wordmark logos inspiration

#8. We Bindass

 wordmark logo inspiration ideas

#9. Veintidos

wordmark logo inspiration logotype

#10. e answers

 Wordmark Logo Design Inspiration

#11. TrendVision

 wordmark logo ideas

#12. Kikolani

 wordmark logo inspiration

#13. Waggoner Park

Wordmark Park logo

#14. Rush4

 Wordmark Logo Design Inspiration

 #15. Kristi Hines

 wordmark logo inspiration

Enough for now 🙂 These wordmark logos are simple yet stylish. And I hope you now got some inspiration as well as ideas to work on your own logo project. But let me know which logo inspired you the most? Tell me your answer in comment section below. Let’s see which one gets most likes.

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