10 Creative Real Estate Logos Inspiration No One Should Skip

by Mashinmedia / 22 December 2013 / 4 Comments

When it comes to real estate logo design, designers really get out of ideas. It’s because all they have to design is from a house (Though it’s not essential). I mean there are already thousands of real estate companies and they all have logos with house incorporated in it some way. That’s the reason it is very tough to design something different using the same house concept which is already used by many people.

I am sharing some of the most creative Real Estate Logos from Mashinmedia portfolio. These Company Logo Design are designed by the extraordinary logo designers at Mashinmedia. You can check them out below and get some inspiration. Get your Real Estate Logo Inspiration here:

#1. Revcon Concept

real estate logo

#2. First Choice

 real estate logo ideas

#3. Excel

 real estate logo inspiration

#4. Positive Real Estate

real estate logo plus sign

I feel you will need some explanation for this logo as it is little conceptual. You can easily see a Plus sign in the logo which represents Positive. There is also a house icon in the logo. The creativity is still not finished, there is one more thing hidden in the logo. And I want you to tell me what it is. Just think!

#5. Recon Renovation

 renovation logo

#6. Apex Realtors

 Realtor logo

#7. Waggoner Park

real estate logo park

Seems like you need my help again 😛 The building icon is designed using letters W and P. Hope you can see that.

#8. A1 Home Renov

 home renovation logo

#9. Option1Mortgages

mortgage logo

#10. AURA

real estate logo inspiration

Hope you liked them all! Let me know which one was your best inspiration from all of the above.

About the author:

This post is written by one of the team Member of Mashinmedia. Mashinmedia is a Professional Logo Design Firm, We provide Creative Logo design in affordable price. Check out our services


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thats Really Nice Writeup.. Kudos to Ifham (Y)

  2. Amazing logos!!! Logo represents you in the market. It needs to be unique and innovative. Especially in real estate industry, contracts are given based on the reputation.

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