10 Logo Designs Then and Now, Which one you like?

by Mashinmedia / 04 August 2013 / 7 Comments

From years many big brands are relying on one logo, as changing logo design often cause serious brand problem. However, there are lots of big companies/brands who have changed their logo to give fresh impression to their business. We have collected 15 Logo Designs which are changed now ( We can call it as Then and Now). In the end, we want you to express your views on the logo.

#1. McDonald

mc donald logo

#2. IBM


#3. AT&T

AT&T logo design

#4. Canon


#5. Discovery Channel


#6. Mozilla Firefox


#7. Cartoon Network






#10. Apple


Let us know about your favorite logo design. Is it really good to change the logo? Please feel free to share your favorite logo. The comment box is open for you 🙂

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  1. That discovery channel logo looks better the way it was before. And these logos still are far behind modern minimalist logos

  2. Gowtham V says:

    Great comparison.Apple logo is different from others even then 🙂

  3. Sanved says:

    Wonderful , looks like canon went from advanced to basic. still it keeps the professionalism.

  4. However I think you should change the pre logo of Cartoon Network as it is not the original logo you gave . There was a logo stating the full “Cartoon Network” in Black and white in blocks .

  5. Just got a good laugh at the old logo of shell. Good that they’ve decided to change it.

  6. I think the at&t logo has seen the most drastic change over the years.

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