Impact Of Colors On Your Brand

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Hola readers,  Colors the best part about a brand’s logo and symbol. Well, colors are the most crucial and important part of a logo of a company, brand, business etc. Well, the question that arises here, How colors will impact my business? Why color selection is so important for my company’s logo? Why should i show intelligence while selecting colors for my company’s banners?

Well, this guide will answer all your questions that are bumping up in your head..So, from where should we start? Should i directly tell you what are the benefits for making a right decision of colors for your logo or banners or anything? First let me try to make you understand what consumers and customers want to see in a logo’s color and what appeal them more.

A recent study has shown that a product’s color and color options effects the customers purchasing them by 60% to 80% so, what it actually mean that a product’s color can decide its success in market!

I consider it worth to mention here that “A survey that was made among the world’s top 100 companies has shown that 29% used red, 33% used blue, 28% used black or greyscale, 13% used yellow or gold.”

So, from the above mentioned two facts from dozens can give you a idea that what impact colors leave on customer’s mind and hear. Colors appeal the customers regarding a product. Lets sight one easy example from day to day life and see what will be the maximum results out of it. ‘Consider a boy named ‘XYZ’ goes to a super market to purchase a packet of oats, The boy sees two different brands offering oats lets us say ‘Brand A’ and ‘Brand B’. The ‘Brand A’ has more proteins but a simple packing with dull colors but on the other hand ‘Brand B’ has a attractive packing with maximum use of colors to make it eye catching. What will be the boy’s decision without looking at the nutrients and benefits also the the quality of product is offering?  Gradually the boy will go for ‘Brand B.’


Impact of colors on your brand, A genuine guide.

1. Colors makes the brand more appealing. 

Colors are the first thing that a customer or a consumer will notice in your product or logo. Colors are of great importance for a brand both from marketing point of view and from brand value point of view. A logo design is effective for a brand but the actual thing that makes the design more living is the addition of colors.

2. Colors tells the untold story.

Confused? Well, colors tell the untold story, Yes, logo design for a brand represents the services that the company or business house is offering. But a combination of colors gives the customer a addition to it. A online study revealed that the color ‘Blue’ is the mostly used color in logos that are related to technology. Know why? Well, we also don’t know. But people love to see blue color as a part of logo for their technology related company or business.

3. Colors makes the people recognize a brand .

Logo designs do play a important part in giving a brand its own recognition. but what actually adds more value to a design is colors. Colors helps the each part of logo to ring out its best sight to the viewer. Colors makes a difference for a person finding you in thousands.

4. Customers do like to see you in color which really suits you.

Customers like to see a brand’s logo or colors it is using in its actual form and the one which suits them. Consider the ‘Coca-Cola’ changing their logo’s color from ‘red’ to ‘green’, Will it be acceptable? Well, some will say we want the product’s quality but the research that was made in 2005 revealed that people love to see the brand’s logo in which they started using it. It can be regarded as some physiological fact but this small thing do really effect your brand’s value in eyes of a consumer.

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