Favicon: What, Why and How?

by Ashray Anand / 18 April 2014 / No Comments

‘Favicon’ familiar with this word? Maybe some of you know what it is actually and what are its basic uses. But for those who really do want to know about ‘Favicon’ lets me explain it in the simplest set of words i can !

Favicon refers to “Favorites Icon” which is actually used to distinguish sites in the bookmarks list from each other.

So, above i have mentioned the simplest definition of the Favicon. Well, let me explain it more briefly. If you have gone through my earlier post of ‘Importance of Logo for business‘ then you might be aware that I have mentioned in that article regarding the use of logo for a business. In that column I have written the basic importance of a logo is to distinguish ‘Company A’ from ‘Company B’. Well, Favicon is also a form of logo which is actually derived from the original logo for a brand or company. What this tiny logo do is that it differentiates the sites in a bookmark list from each other. However if you do look at the bookmarked sites of your browser you will find a small icon before their URL or name, That is what we call ‘Favicon’.

Impact of Favicon for a website of a company or business.

#1 Favicon makes finding your site easier

Well, wondering how a favicon can help to find your site easily? Hmm.. Suppose a person has bookmarked your company’s site along with other 30 sites in the bookmark list. Now, he needs to access your website’s information urgently. What a person would prefer to find the site again on Google or to go to bookmarks section and click it from there. Naturally he will go to bookmarks section and will try to find the site there. Human brain can recognize images much faster than words. Naturally if he has seen your ‘Favicon’ earlier the person can easily locate your site in those 30 bookmarked sites and can do his work much faster.

#2 It builds Credibility for your site

Well, what according to you can make a visitor like your site? Its design? Its speed? Its access? Well somehow YES. But what if you spend thousands for a best website and a visitor liked it too then suddenly he points out a bad favicon or NO Favicon? Hmm.. Now a days everyone is familiar with the basic view and functioning of sites. A visitor to give a deep look to a site if he likes it. But if a small gesture like ‘Favicon’ makes your hard work warp away? A professionally designed favicon that indicates the color texture and designing of your business logo gives a good and long lasting impact to a visitor.

#3 It makes your brand recognizable

Favicon is basically as important as a logo for a business, Company, Website. Consider ‘Twitter’ without a favicon of that bird !! or Google without its favicon of ‘g’ which is actually derived from its logo. Like a brand’s logo which helps the brand to be  recognizable a Favicon can help a website to be recognizable online.

Where to make the best Favicon

1. Go to Favicon.cc
2. Select your image from computer’s hard drive.
3. Making normal editing if required.
4. Send it for upload, and your Favicon will be generated.

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