App Icon Design: Why To Hire Professionals

by Ashray Anand / 21 April 2014 / 1 Comment

Hello, Welcome to another special and interesting guide and discussing article. Today we are gonna talk about the ‘Professional Designs for App Icons’ or our today’s discussion will revolve around it. So, first lets talk what can be called an ‘App icon’. App Icon is a logo or symbol which is used for a specific application for PC, Mobile, Tablet etc

Well, as you might be aware of the fact that today smartphones and computers are being used at their peak. So naturally the great use of these devices has invited the companies to build up their own applications for each one of them so that people can access them on the go with their devices. Well, the great production of such applications has invented a tough competition among companies for their Application’s Icon.

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Well, there is no denying fact that App Icons of various applications leaves a long lasting impact on the user’s mind. We can also say that its actually a logo designed for a application which helps the user to differentiate the applications from each other. Do you think that a professionally designed icon will make a more positive impact of your application on the user? Well its a big YES!

Why you should hire professionals for App icon design? 

#1: They tell you what is best for your Application.

Designing an App Icon design is a work of headache, Know why? because you have to bring the basic fundamental of your application to that design. Consider ‘Facebook’ App icon design. The icon of Facebook’s application directly indicates ‘F’ in the same font and color that actual Facebook’s websites do possess. It makes the user to easily find the app among the thousands of them. What we are actually trying to say is that a professional icon design by a professional designer bring the best of the business for your application.

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#2: Designers makes your icon to speak.

Professional designers makes your app icon to speak. Confusing? Well a designer designs the App icon in such a manner that it tells the story itself. You might be thinking it is hell same as for a Logo design. umm.. you are right but it makes the task more difficult. In a logo design you have much area to represent the business in their logo but for a App icon you have just limited space.

#3: Its their headache, Not YOURS!

Hire a professional and tell them what to do and just take a cup of coffee and relax. Tell the professional what you actually want to bring to your icon, as earlier mentioned its not everyone’s cup of tea. The professionally designed icon by a professional will be much better than what you expect and what you have imagined in your HEAD!

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  1. Your Article brings out that part very well, for a professional job you need to hire a professional

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