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Mashinmedia is a premium Logo Design Firm which is known for its quick turnaround and professional designs. Mashinmedia always tries to visualize its clients’ ideas in effective ways. Today, this article is written only for Clients’ concern. We just want to show how much efforts we put in each logo creation.

Mashinmedia Portfolio contains lots of creative and professional logos. It shows our expertise in Logo Designing. In this article, I will tell you the process behind the creation of 33Quarters logo. So here is the Logo Case Study of 33Quarters:

How we got the Order?
Kenneth Tan ordered this Logo Directly from our Website. He came on our site via Search Engine, chose our Economic Logo Package, filled up the form and made payment via Paypal.

Yes, that’s it. Ordering a Logo on Mashinmedia is that easy. You don’t need to put so much effort in it.

What after the Order?

After the order was confirmed, we sent the Order Invoice to Kenneth. We saw Kenneth requirements about the Logo. Here is what he said:

The website’s not up yet. It’s a gaming site that does reviews, gameplays and walkthrough commentaries.
The concept behind 33 quarters is that Arcade Machines use quarters and each quarter is 3 lives. so 99 lives is the maximum you can have at one time.
Demographic is males, age 18-25. Gamers and Nerds, Geeks in general.

I was thinking of orange or green on black. A sleek, cool, modern type logo.

Originally I wanted a large sack of coins. I played around with quarters (the fraction) in shapes and sizes. I also went to draw the xbox controller buttons (a, b, x, y) and shaped a 33 diagonally around it. Either way coin or fraction, it just has to look decent, and I don’t have the skills to pull it off.
I am, however, fond of the “on” button on the xbox with the 1p light.

First Logo Concept

One of our Designer went through his requirements and made the first Logo Concept and sent it to Kenneth within 6 hours.

Note: We never create all the Logo Concepts in starting. Only one concept is sent at first. This is because, clients’ requirements gets changed after each concept. And after each concept, client describes more about what he wants. And in this way, we implement exactly what client wants. But if in any case, client wants all the concept at once, we provide him all the concepts in starting only.

Here is the First Concept provided to Client in different color options:

33q 2

33quarterns 1

bw 33

Here is what designer said:

” The logo is designed with the intention of the requirement that is Sleek and modern. The “Q” in the logo is made with 4 quarters and 1 quarters is slightly tilt to give a look of ‘Q’. The font describes the elegant and transparency.”

After seeing the concept, this is what Kenneth replied:

“I’m surprised at your service, I wasn’t expecting a reply till the end of the week at least, so… WOW, really happy. Disregarding my ideas, just design something along the lines of 33quarters, to fit a gaming website. Designer has the freedom of choice to design what he thinks is appropriate”

Second Logo Concept:


Here is what designer said:

“The logo has the Gaming touch in professional look and feel. The icon contains the character 33.”

This was the feedback from Kenneth:

“This is a lot nicer than the first one. I like the font, but I don’t really like the logo. It has to feel, less corporate, more fun? But the work you churn out is really fantastic.”

Third Logo Concept:


 After third logo Concept, Kenneth Described us more about what he exactly wants. Here are his requirements:

“I wish to see some form of game element in the logo. Perhaps incorporating a game controller, or the “on” button, or the d-pad, thumb stick for up, down, left right. A silhouette of a game pad formed by two 33s, with a typography play. This is my main and only concern.

My preferences.

1: I like it as a lettermark logo. The implementation of 33 in the design is a good idea. It just has to reflect the idea of games.

2: From the first concept, I like the sleekness of the logo. It is minimalistic, and it works.

3: From the second concept, I like the stroke on the logo and text. It makes it stand out, and I’m planning to use it on various backgrounds and as a watermark in videos, so a stroke is preferred.”

Fourth Logo Concept:


Kenneth really liked it and it was finalized. After some revisions, it turned to this:


After approval of final Logo concept, we sent Kenneth all the required files which are PSD, EPS, PNG, JPG and TTF formats.

Here is the Kenneth Testimonial about our service:

“Mashinmedia has excellent contact support. They replied me within 6 hours of my inquiry and gave me 4 concepts within the week at my request. Their work is top notch and you get solid sleek designs, and all working files come included. I would come back again.”

      Kenneth Tan, Singapore

About the author:

Nikita is the co-founder of Mashinmedia, a young entrepreneur who is interested in Programming. She has little craze of designing as well. She was co-editor at Mashdesigning. Her passion is travelling and learning new things. She believes in Customer Satisfaction rather than Earning Money. You can connect with her on twitter.

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